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Tired Of Qualified Prospects Walking Out The Door To “Think About It”...
“Close Every Million Dollar Client... Easily!"
“With The Affluent Engagement System,
I Doubled My Closing Rate!”
“Immediately after training, I easily implemented The Affluent Engagement System and I doubled my closing rate and we were already successful.
Johnne D. Syverson, CFP, AEP – West Des Moines, Iowa
“Using Scott’s Language, I Closed A $5.1 Million Client!”
“The Affluent Engagement System is so powerful, because Scott knows the exact phrases that move miliion dollar prospects to take action. Scott told me exactly what to say to obtain a $5.1 million account and have the prospect pay me more than they were paying their current advisor!
Murray Weaver, CFP – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
What You Are About To Read Could Dramatically 
Change Your Income And Your Future…
If you’re dissatisfied with the quality of prospects coming into your practice and disappointed with how many become clients… you’re going to be so glad you landed here today.
Every qualified prospect who walks away without becoming a client is a gigantic drain on you, your team and your practice.

Think about all the time, energy and money it takes to get in front of one qualified prospect. Then to hear that dreaded, “I’ll think about it and get back to you.”

But it’s much worse than that. It’s a missed opportunity that may not come back again. Many times, you will only get that one chance to make them a client.

What you’re about to read is the single PROVEN solution to that missed opportunity.

“Scott Keffer Has Had More Impact 
On Financial Advisors Than Any Other Coach!"
“Scott Keffer has likely had more impact on financial professionals than any other coach in the U.S. I highly recommend him and his training’s.
Robert B. Ritter, Jr. – President/CEO, InsMark
But what’s even more important is that what you’ll find here is the ultimate solution to converting affluent, qualified clients at an astounding rate.

Think for a moment about what that will mean for you.

What if, conservatively you added just one new extra affluent client this year … the financial impact for you and your family would be measurable and significant. How about one a quarter?
With The Affluent Engagement System®, You Will…
  •  Avoid THE #1 trust-killing, credibility-crushing mistake every advisor is unknowingly making that is killing your sales
  •  Be able to honestly, ethically, and almost instantly get your prospects to like you, trust you and want to work with you…
  •  Confidently and authentically present yourself, your firm and your service to every prospect in an irresistible fashion…
  •  Make minor tweaks that will produce leverage and multiply big results for you that you never imagined
  •  Possess the specific words and phrases that get prospects to literally beg you to work with them
  •  Save wasted money, years of time, and lost confidence…
  •  Be viewed as trusted and credible and no longer be perceived as slockey salesman (or sales woman)…
  •  Crush it as prospects magnetically attract to you
  •  Prospects will urgently push YOU to implement your strategies!
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Get the system NOW and start closing more AFFLUENT clients…
Get The Affluent Engagement System® NOW…
If you are an advisor who does really good work, but you are not earning what you are worth, not being paid appropriately for your experience and skills… and you are not adding enough new clients every year, I have good and bad news.

Bad news first …

First of all, if you are like every advisor that I’ve surveyed or interviewed, this is a persistent, frustrating problem that you NEED to solve ASAP, because every unconverted (qualified) prospect is a waste of your marketing dollars, a waste of your precious time and energy and frankly wasted potential.

You know this already. Perhaps that’s why you’ve come here to begin with.

This is a big problem for the longevity of your practice as well as the sustainability of your current income level, let alone the fact that it’s an impediment to the massive income you could be earning.

Here’s why …
“I Closed 10 Clients The First Time 
I Used The Affluent Engagement System…”
“In my fourth year in the business, I closed 10 high net worth prospects this year using the Affluent Engagement System.”
Barry Spencer – Alpharetta, Georgia
If You Don’t Have A Predictable System To Capture And Convert Qualified Prospects Into Loyal Clients, Prepare To Get Squeezed Even Harder.
If your practice has been getting by on fees and commissions from “middle tier” clients, those fees and commissions have shrunk and will continue to shrink. Even worse, that market is shrinking. The middle tier isn’t adding new members the way the affluent tier is.

The competition for less-than-affluent clients is only going to get tougher and tougher. Like a pack of dogs fighting over table scraps, that’s where the middle market is headed.
Do You Want To Be In That Dogfight? For Table Scraps?
OR… Do you want to consistently and systematically attract better, more profitable clients?

Of course, you want more, BETTER clients!

The good news is that you’re actually in a great position to accomplish that.

First of all, the population of affluent and mass affluent prospects is growing. The rich really are getting richer. According to recent news reports, by 2020 the richest 1% will have as much wealth as the other 99% combined. Are you getting your fair share of affluent clients? While the new economy may not have been so good to the middle class and the poor, it seems to be favoring the affluent. That class is growing…and getting even richer.It may not be right, but it is reality.
If You Want More AFFLUENT Clients They Are Out There
In Plentiful Numbers For The Taking … If, And Only If You Know
The Right Way To Attract And Engage Them.
Second, the AFFLUENT make great clients!
  •  The AFFLUENT are more willing to pay for financial expertise
  •  The AFFLUENT are more loyal
  •  The AFFLUENT are more profitable
  •  The AFFLUENT are easier to serve
  •  The AFFLUENT are positioned to benefit most from your expertise
  •  The AFFLUENT are easier to target
An AFFLUENT client is worth 2, 5, even 10 times more revenue for you without the same multiple of extra work to service them. Therefore, your profit per AFFLUENT client soars.

So, if you have a proven SYSTEM to attract and convert high-net-worth prospects to clients, you’re already maximizing your profitability potential.

If not, I encourage you to investigate the following details about my PROVEN Affluent Engagement System® …
“There Has Never Been A System And Training As Complete!”
In the almost 50 years I’ve been in the business, there has never been a system and training as complete as Scott Keffer’s Boot Camp.”
Simon “Stuffy” Singer, CFP Past President, The FORUM 400 – Encino, CA
My proprietary Affluent Engagement System® converts up to 94.7% (once you master it) of AFFLUENT clients because it employs proven, scientific principles of marketing to the AFFLUENT that I discovered through my own $312,000 of real world research (more on that in a moment).
There Are Five Principles That You Must Employ Systematically
To Succeed At Attracting And CONVERTING The Affluent …
Principle #1: Credibility, Credibility, Credibility
They say in real estate that the three most important things are location, location, location. Poor location and you have no chance. Well, when selling to the affluent it’s all about credibility. No credibility, no chance.This system will show you how to establish massive credibility with affluent clients in several ways …
  •  Create credibility in the mind of every prospect even BEFORE they step one foot in your office with a “credibility package”. I’ll show you exactly what to include and exactly what words to use.
  •  Easily create third-party credibility withOUT having to use radio and TV (and if you do want to take your credibility to the highest level, how to predictably get on radio and TV to further boost your authority positioning)
  •  Understand that trying to position yourself as an “expert” is impossible and actually backfires; and that “authority” positioning is easier and yours for the taking in your community.
  •  Further expand your visibility using sponsored presentations, authority connections, articles and other people’s books.
  •  Follow my 30-day book process to create your OWN book.
  •  Choreograph your office for authority positioning, starting at the door, and moving through every aspect your affluent client will encounter.          . Most practices are making at least 3 crucial mistakes that destroy their credibility before the meeting even starts!
Principle #2: Emotion Puts Your Prospects Into Motion
Most advisors think that affluent clients make decisions based purely on reason and rational thinking (left brain). So, they spend almost all their time presenting facts and figures and showing off their financial acumen.Wrong.

Human beings (particularly the affluent) do not take action unless they are emotionally driven to move. It’s just human nature.

Sure, they will often require facts and figures as rational proof AFTER they have made a decision… simply to JUSTIFY their emotional decision.

But the decision itself it based on emotion.

It is your job to find the key that starts their emotional engine and puts them in motion to make a decision that will result in a better future by working with you.

No emotion… no action.

My system shows you exactly what to say (and show) to get your affluent prospects to
  •  emotionally OWN their problems,
  •  take action and
  •  practically BEG you to tell them what you do!
When’s the last time you were in a meeting where your prospect pleaded with you to tell them about what you do? It happens to me (and those who use my system) every time.

With The Affluent Engagement System®, you’ll control every interaction without being domineering or rude and you’ll always be in a position of credibility and authority.
Principle #3: Deepening Differentiation
In order to attract and convert the affluent prospect, you must be able to leave every competitor in the dust. “Me too” may work with non-affluent, mid-tier clients, but not with the high-net-worth prospect you desperately need.

My system will show you exactly what steps to take DURING and between meetings to deepen your differentiation and effectively shut out the competition.

This method effectively “teaches” the prospect how to see you as unique and to choose you above every other advisor.      This is absolutely crucial to converting affluent clients, and most advisors will NEVER do this.
Principle #4: Removing All Other Options From The Prospect’s Mind.
As with any “invisible” sale like financial investment and estate planning, it’s always easier for your prospects to do nothing, than it is to make a change.

If you cannot remove ALL other options, including, “Let me think about this and get back to you,” you’ll never consistently and reliably convert affluent clients.

My program systematically removes every option (most significantly, the “let me think about it” one), so clients have no choice but to move forward with you…94.7% of the time.
Principle #5: Cementing The Decision And Destroying Buyer’s Remorse
If you’ve ever converted a client and then had someone whisper in their ear, stir up doubt in their mind, and convince them to back out a day or two later…destroying all your hard work…then you know how painful “buyer’s remorse” can be.

Remember the last time that “sure sale” called you to tell you that they changed their mind and you weren’t sure why? You didn’t effectively remove buyer’s remorse.

With affluent clients the danger is even more extreme. The affluent have more whisperers… and advisors… and well-meaning friends and family…whisperers who may feel financially threatened by any changes to your affluent prospect’s wealth.

You must have a reliable system for LOCKING DOWN the decision before and after they leave your office.

My system will defend you and your practice from the dreaded, “I’ve been thinking about this…” phone call.My system shows you what to say…and do…to help your client…

1. Validate their decision in their own mind
2. Equip themselves AGAINST the whisperers and doubters.
The Affluent Engagement System®
Is THE Step-By-Step, “Everything You Need To Close More Clients” System…
Included are ALL of the tools you’ll need to adopt and implement these proprietary processes into your business every day with every client… QUICKLY and EASILY!
“Everything To Consistently Move Prospects To Clients.”
“In my 28 years, I’ve never used a more repeatable, succinct, and consistent system that works with prospects. And it’s so easy; it’s like Affluent Engagement for Dummies. It’s all right here; do this, then do this, then do this. Everything to move prospects to clients from beginning to end.
Eric Jacoby, CFP - Los Angeles, California
  •  How to present from a position of credibility and authority and have even the wealthiest prospects sitting on the edge of their seat.
  •  The Two Keys to get prospects to feel it’s a privilege to do business with you.
  •  PerformanceSecrets from “The Master Showman of All-Time” and how to give prospects an unforgettable experience.
  •  The “voyage of self-discovery” secret that leads prospects to CONVINCE THEMSELVES they need your help… and you are the ONLY one that can help them.
  •  How to make your fee (if you charge one) a “non-issue.”
  •  My process for getting prospects to beg you to “tell them and sell them.”
  •  How to use Power Questions and Third Party Authority to get prospects answering the way you want them to answer…and asking the question YOU want them to ask.
  •  How to stir up doubt about other options, including doing nothing and staying with their current advisors, by telling my strategic stories and analogies, I’ll give you …
  •  My PROVEN, effortless “non-selling close.”
  •  My step-by-step process to deepen your differentiation between meetings.
  •  How to use the “working agreement” (and one of the world’s most successful and virtually UNKNOWN teaching techniques) to get a “yes” 94.7% of the time.
  •  How to use one simple phrase to erase buyer’s remorse.
  •  And much, much more.
Plus, You’ll Get Every PROVEN Tool, Template and Blueprint I Use AND 3 Days To Fully Immerse Yourself AND Your Team So You Can Profit From My System The Minute You Return To The Office.

You’ll go home with…

– EVERYTHING I use and every advisor I’ve trained…
Everything you need to succeed over and over again…
– Everything your team needs to implement the step-by-step, paint-by-the-numbers process to a tee without your direction and oversight…
Everything to ensure immediate and lasting success including:
  •  The Affluent Engagement Blueprint, so that you and your team have a clear picture of the entire seamless process and stay on track as you implement the step-by-step process.
  •  My Templates And Tools, which you can use as is or customize to your own preference over time…
  •  My Strategic Stories and Analogies, proven from hours of testing and honing, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I made…
  •  My Scripts, with the exact words, so you can be confident every time you make a presentation…
  •  My Letters, so that you know what to send and when…
  •  My Timelines and Calendars, so that you don’t have to guess what to send and when…
  •  My Worksheets, so that your staff doesn’t have to create the system…
  •  My Agendas, so you’ll control every meeting and be prepared for every contingency…
  •  A Complete Audio Recording on 11 CDs so you can easily master the system while you sit in your office, while you drive or sitting at home…
  •  The Action Guide we use during the training, so your staff can review on an ongoing basis…
  •  A Complete Word-For-Word Transcript of the entire training to review over and over again for even greater success.
You Are Getting The Exact System I Personally Used
To Catapult My Revenue From Near-Failure To Six, Then SEVEN, Figures!
You see, there are two ways you can implement a system for attracting and converting the affluent: The hard way or the smart way. I did it the hard way…
I Spent $312,000 Building A Proven Affluent Engagement System The Hard Way
In 1983, I was recruited into the financial service world and failed out five years later because I hated to sell… hated rejection (Can you relate?).
“Scott Told Me Exactly How
To Run Every Prospect Meeting.”
“I thought I couldn’t afford the time or money to come to Live Training. Am I glad I did. Scott’s system and training gave me exactly what I needed to do. Everything from how to run each appointment, what to say and when to say it, to how to handle objections.
Rey Cruz, CFP – Aurora, Illinois
So I worked for ten years in the wholesale side of the business, supporting financial advisors like you.

In 1994, I decided to try again and launch an affluent-only advisor business from scratch. I was clueless about how to attract and engage the affluent. I embraced everything that was taught by the so-called “advisor marketing experts.” Within a decade, I found myself nearly half a million dollars in debt.

At that Point, I Had No Choice…Quit… or learn what really works with the affluent. Since quitting wasn’t an option – and failing again wasn’t either – I committed to do whatever it took to get out of debt and discover what it really takes to create a profitable advisor business that served really great clients.

I developed my affluent engagement system the “old fashioned” way.I devoured hundreds of marketing and sales books, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on high-end coaching programs and hired an army of elite consultants… all outside of the financial services world.

Why outside the industry?

Because everything I had been taught in the financial services world about selling the affluent didn’t work. And every advisor is simply copying what every other advisor is doing.
“Scott’s Word-For-Word Script 
Resulted $175,000 Premium.”
“I used the Scott’s word-for-word scripting and visual presentation. It grabbed the prospect’s interest and moved them to work with me. It resulted in fees and $175,000 of life insurance premium.
Ross Hoffman, CFP, ChFC, CLU – Ventura, California
That’s why it’s NOT your fault … because back when I started my search for an affluent engagement system, there wasn’t anything even remotely like that in our industry.
There was old-world financial sales training, but no proven system!

I was starting from scratch… and it wasn’t pretty. I made every mistake in the book, beat my head against the wall and stumbled more than once. In fact, many, many times.

I figure I’ve spent over $312,000 and countless hours of effort learning to avoid the mistakes I was making and build a system that worked.

Then, I invested more time and money honing my system, again and again, until it was the closest thing to flawless.

Slowly, but surely, I corrected all the mistakes, cleared up all the myths I had been taught and unclouded all the mystery around predictably being hired by every affluent prospect.
The Result Was A PROVEN, Predictable,
Reliable System…That Converts 94.7%
Of The AFFLUENT Clients I Attract.

It Works So Well That I Guarantee It!
What’s great for you is that you can do this the EASY way.
You can simply get the PROVEN training you need (in 3 short days), go home with all of my PROVEN tools (and a guarantee that it will all work for you or your money back) and plug this stuff right into your practice … IMMEDIATELY!

Imagine what a powerful impact EXCLUSIVELY adding affluent clients to your practice will have on both the business and on you personally …
  • You’ll get back your time, and ONLY work with the clients you want to serve!
  •  You will literally be able to afford whatever you want … the best schools for your kids, an upgraded house, lavish vacations, EARLY RETIREMENT, they sky’s the limit
  •  Every bit of your business will be easier … your clients will be easier to work with, easier to serve, and all of the angst will be removed from your every day life in business.
  •  You’ll be able to easily achieve the dreams you have for your business. Whatever your goals are, you’ll finally have the power to reach them!
  •  Impact your community and the lives of those you love. Being able to do and give to those charities and people you care about it a blessing that’s afforded to those who can create income at will. That’s what this system will do for you!
“Scott Showed Me How To Answer 
Every Prospect Objection.”
“I’ve been to Scott Keffer’s Affluent Engagement Live Training. One of the best things was how to answer every possible objection a prospect could have.”
Ron Praught, CFP – Parsippany, New Jersey
There are now scores of savvy Advisors across North America using this system to attract qualified, affluent prospects and convert them every single day.That’s the most important credential I can share with you (read some of their comments throughout this letter!).

But you should also know that I’ve created the ultimate Affluent Client trainings for Advisors. I’m an expert in this one very specific area of business and that expertise has made a marked difference in this industry.

I am most known for a few of the highly successful programs I’ve created that help advisors like you double, triple, or even quadruple their business. The Affluent Engagement System® is just one of them.

You may have heard of some of the other top-rated systems, including Double Your Affluent Clients® Boot Camp, Seminar Money Machine®, The 7X Advisor Model®, The Arc Of Distinction®, The Donor Motivation Program® and others.

I am continually sought after by leaders inside and outside of our industry to speak on attracting and converting affluent clients as well as systematizing the growth of business.

As an authority on business, marketing and positioning, I have been interviewed on radio and TV and spoken over 412 times, including The Forum 400, AALU, National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys, Ed Slott’s Elite Training, InsMark, United Way of America, Visiting Scholar at High Point University, among others.

What you’ll experience during our 3 days together has the power to transform your entire practice! You’ll discover …
  • How to convince ideal prospects to not only work with you… but to believe it’s a privilege to work with you!
  •  How to disqualify time-wasting, tire-kicking prospects…so they never even get through to you!
  •  How to establish instant credibility with even the wealthiest clients…before they even walk in your door!
  •  How to negotiate from a power position…even with affluent clients far wealthier than you!
  •  How to turn the tables on affluent clients…so they come to you asking how to get involved with your planning!
  •  How to convert 94.7% of skeptical prospects into trusting clients or your money back!
But again, the proof really is in the pudding.

It doesn’t matter how many talks I’ve given or how many programs I create that I say are successful. What matters most is what the users of the system say. I don’t expect you to take my word for it…
Read What Veteran Financial Advisors Like You Have To Say About What This System Has Done For Their Practices And Their Lives
“Scott’s Processes Can Be Implemented Immediately.”
“It’s expensive to travel from Hawaii, but there were so many great things about the LIVE training. It has been invaluable to me and my team. We can take Scott’s processes and implement them immediately into our business. This will have a radical impact on my income.
Cliff Robello, CFP - Honolulu, Hawaii
“Very, Very Impressive Tools For Greater Client Conversion.”
“It’s really incredible; very, very impressive. The Affluent Engagement System and LIVE training are terrific. Every tool and every conversation is tailored and as a result it’s not surprising that it has greater effectiveness in converting clients.
Ron Ware, JD–Wellesley - Hills, Massachusetts
“So Far Beyond My Expectations!”
“I thought coming in, if I can walk away from this with just one or two, maybe three insights, each one that could just dramatically impact my business, I’d be delighted. I finally couldn’t count anymore. There were just so many insights from the program. So, far beyond my expectations, the value here was tremendous.
Howard Kaplan, CFP – Englewood, New Jersey
“Thank You, Scott. Everything We Need To Take Our Business To The Next Level!”
“I just want to say ‘thank you Scott’ for sharing the Affluent Marketing Engagement System, we’ve gotten so much out of this. You just gave us everything that we need to take our business to the next level and be successful.
Marifran King – St. Louis, Missouri
“It’s Easy. I Can Start Using It Immediately…
And Have An Instant Impact On My Practice.”
“What is really great about The Affluent Engagement System is that it’s easy. I can start using it immediately and make an instant impact in my practice. Thanks, Scott, you are a genius in putting this system together.
Wayne Von Borstel, CFP, CLU, ChFC – The Dalles, Oregon
It Will Work For You Too!
If you implement the Affluent Engagement System ®, you’ll see amazing results in your business and income. And that’s why I want you to invest in The Affluent Engagement System®
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PLUS, I’m going to give you a huge bundle of bonuses for acting quickly.
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You will learn even more from Scott as you join advisors from across North America on the monthly LIVE Group Mastery Coaching call.

You will benefit as Scott answers specific questions and solves marketing and selling issues in real time for advisors. This is also your chance to get your specific questions answered by Scott on a LIVE group call.

You will receive a Mastery Audio Newsletter CD with Affluent Mastery Teaching concepts for you to…go even deeper into the psychology of the affluent market.

This Gold Mastery Coaching Program runs $497 per month separately, but it’s yours free for 90 days when you register for the Affluent Engagement System® live training. After the first three months, you can continue at $497 per month for as long as you like or cancel and be charged nothing at all.
BONUS #2: Two Double Your Affluent Clients® Boot Camp Tickets                                                          Value: $5,994
It has been called, “the premier advisor marketing training.”A 3-day, in-depth training for seasoned advisors to master The 7X Advisor Model® for creating a business that runs better when you are gone than when you are there.
BONUS #3: How To Create Your Magnetic Message Toolkit                                                                          Value: $497.00
Training system to identify the most compelling message that will magnetically draw your three niches to you.

Includes two 90-Minute Audio trainings, an Action Guide, and Transcript, so you can discover and deploy your ideal message into the marketplace to attract more ideal prospects.
BONUS #4: Language Secrets That Motivate Prospects To Act                                                                      Value: $397.00
You can use the exact phrases that are battle-tested and proven to move prospects to take action … recorded at a private, exclusive $10,000.00 Training.
BONUS #5: $100 Million Business Secrets Audio Interview                                                                              Value: $197.00
Interview with Robert Jordan, the modern-day Napoleon Hill Learn the affluent mindset so that you can market more effectively.
Total Value Of The 5 Bonuses Alone $8,576.00!!!
If Just ONE New AFFLUENT Client Comes From This System,
It Would Pay For Itself More Than 10 Times Over.
And remember, you’re getting a $8,576.00 BONUS package automatically included with all of the tools, templates, scripts, and training when you register NOW.
#1 – This may NOT be right for you!

This system is definitely not for everyone. And its important that you can HONESTLY answer yes to the following criteria.

If you …
  •  Provide Planning That Truly Helps People…
  •  Want To Grow Your Business… FAST…
  •  Are Willing To Learn From Your Mistakes…
  •  Will Follow A Success Blueprint…
  •  Are Open To Take Instruction…
  •  See This As A Profitable Investment In Your Future Success!
#2 – Seating is strictly limited and the deadline is REAL. 
If you fit the criteria above, give yourself a reason to celebrate by getting in on this while there’s still room for you and time for you to get the bonuses!!!
Get Everything You Need To Close More Million Dollar Clients!
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How can I make that guarantee?

Because no one has ever come to training and returned the system. It works. Period.
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“This Will Add $1 Million To My Business.”
“I almost didn’t come to the LIVE Training. It really comes down to the repeatable process that Scott has created. Literally over the next 5 years, I can see how this could add $1 million dollars to my business.
Bob Livingston, CFP– Allentown, Pennsylvania
You’ll have a full 90 days to test everything out, after the live training and I know you’ll love it as much as the hundreds of advisors who are relying on it every day.

Scott Keffer

Creator and CEO
The Affluent Engagement System®

P.S. Honestly, whether you invest in The Affluent Engagement System® or not will not change my lifestyle or future. It will change yours… depending on what you choose. That said… make a decision right here and now. The one thing I’ve learned about successful people is that they make fast decisions. DO NOT delay and waffle about this. If you’re ready, let’s go!
P.P.S. I’ve NEVER offered this Special Rate plus the Amazing Bonuses Package. Frankly, the 6 bonuses are worth it all by themselves.

P.P.P.S. What kills me is that advisors blow tens of thousands on fancy brochures, websites, marketing consultants, seminar kits, etc. that WILL NOT put hundreds of thousands of dollars into their pocket (millions for some) that this system and training will! Put it to the test! You will be glad you did!
© Scott Keffer International